Our Values

Our mission is pure: to build a platform where talented individuals can find work at their favorite fashion brands anytime, at a competitive and compelling rate. We’ve eliminated the traditional retail roadblocks, cut the middle man, and pushed the boundaries, all in the name of pioneering technology and crafting an ideal lifestyle.

Who are we?

We are Pure, Polished, Persistent Problem Solvers. With Purposeful intent and a Palpable desire to offer, at the exact moment you need, independent solutions that solve practical — and tactical — business needs.

We are Pure because our business model is transparent — we have no hidden agenda. Polished, because everything we do is meaningful, intentional and refined to the highest standards. Persistent, because our approach to defining and creating business solutions challenges us to push the boundaries daily. Problem solvers, because we have identified a methodology that provides freedom, ease and efficiency of process — the desire of every business owner and freelancer! Purposeful, because we understand our clients’ needs and the demands of the marketplace, with a laser focus on resolving issues. And Palpable, because we care about what we do and are in business to make a significant and deliberate difference in people’s lives.

What’s our Purpose?

To re-imagine the way retail works, creating a highway to luxury and contemporary brands by offering a shared opportunity versus a shared economy. We have broken the barriers to unnecessary roadblocks so you can focus on what’s important — doing good work and having a positive impact on someone’s day.

What do we offer our Freelancers?

An unconventional path to success and instant gratification with long–term growth possibilities . . . a deliberate and defined roadmap that provides you with training, education and inspirational leadership coaching . . . personal and professional development with results that command a higher rate and momentum up the ladder. The incentivizing constants: variety, flexibility and freedom to carve out your own path, while executing at a high level. As a trusted and expert resource, we make it easy for you to find success.


It’s simple. We get it. We have listened, responded and built a brand that has disassembled retail roadblocks. We are engaged, think differently, create linkage, take initiative and pride ourselves on staying conscious. At POURED, we are caring and thoughtful. We are less about revenue and more about impact, all in the goal of being transparent, delivering solutions, and providing independence and freedom. Our unique approach to sourcing and identifying top talent streamlines the process for any organization. Through our meticulous vetting system, we define the key behaviors and unique set of characteristics that a desired employee must possess to represent your brand. The full transparency of our rating system gives you the confidence and assurance that your hiring decision is based on evidence of match and fit.